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Beginner’s Presence Builder-Responsive Site

With so many different services on the web, it’s easy for small businesses to be overwhelmed. On top of maintaining a Facebook page and a regular website, they’re now being told they need mobile sites, blogs, landing pages for campaigns, and more. Our Beginner’s Presence Builder platform unifies their brand so they only have to worry about creating and maintaining one set of common data across mobile, desktop, and social platforms.  This is for the person that knows they need a presence on the web, but doesn’t want to spend the money for a custom site.  This will get you started:

Sharp, Simple, Ready in Seconds


Sleek, Lightweight Design

  • Variety of templates to choose from
  • Large, finger friendly buttons for easy navigation

Focus on Key Information

  • One touch calling
  • Interactive maps to help customers get directions
  • Address prominent on landing page

Customize Pages

  • Offer coupons to mobile users to build customer loyalty
  • Incorporate images and videos
  • Customize full pages (add menu, ads,  company history – anything you want)

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