Website Oil Change

Published on February 20, 2018

Does your business have a website? Your website is like a vehicle that can take…

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How sending emails to fewer people leads to higher success

Published on February 1, 2018

Before you hit send on that email to your company’s database, pause and think about…

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2018 Digital Fireworks

We can thank digital (again) for another disruptive year in radio

Published on December 7, 2017

The word “disrupt” always comes with a negative connotation: the disruptive person in the movie…

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corporate social responsibility

CEOs, evaluate your corporate social responsibility – don’t end it

Published on November 8, 2017

We’ve all seen the headlines the last few weeks. “Heads up, CEOS—corporate social responsibility may…

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Google AdWords Extensions: What they are and why to use them

Published on October 30, 2017

For those running their own AdWords campaigns—or those who trust in a partner like Federated…

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Why podcasting is worth the bet

Published on September 18, 2017

Nearly every week around the Federated Digital Solutions office, there is a common refrain that…

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The Evolution of Google Analytics

Published on August 30, 2017

As we work with over 300 clients on their digital solutions at FDS, we have…

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Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success

Published on November 3, 2016

I recently introduced the book “The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews to my sales team…

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Facebook- Should I Boost? Promote? Or Sponsor a Newsfeed Ad? Diagnosing these 3 Key Questions!

Published on May 17, 2016

In January 2015, Facebook announced that business owners would now have to “Pay to Play”…

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Digital Agency? In-House Manager? How To Make the Best Decision When It Comes To Digital Marketing Needs.

Published on April 11, 2016

One of the biggest challenges that a business faces is making the right decision on…

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