How Blogging Boosts Your Business

November 22, 2019 - 4 minutes read

How Blogging Boosts Your Business

When you look at your digital toolbox, it can be easy to overlook your blog. While video, podcasts and social media get more attention, blogs are a digital marketing workhorse to connect with your audience, improve your search engine optimization and boost traffic to your website. Simply put, your blog can be a secret weapon for growing your business. 

Radio stations and local businesses alike can use a blog to keep your customers up to date on the latest happenings, communicate special offers and events, and answer questions.  A strong blog helps foster a sense of community.  

Of course, in today’s hectic business environment, when you’re juggling your core business with digital marketing efforts, it can be easy to let your blog slide.  Blogging requires time and commitment, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Find someone on your staff or take a stab at it yourself. If you need assistance, digital marketing services like Federated Digital Solutions can help you with strategy or even handle writing duties. 

Boost your search engine results

A blog also boosts the traffic to your website via search engine results. When you regularly publish blog posts with original content, it helps boost your SEO position. If a user searches for a topic and your blog is a top result, that directs referrals to your website. Once a user is on your site, they’ll engage with your content, including signing up for newsletters, entering contests or buying products and services. They’ll also be exposed to advertising on your site. 

Give your brand a personal touch 

A blog also helps establish your brand’s voice and display your company’s personality. Posts can be lighthearted and entertaining, or provide actionable research and information. A blog is a way to speak to your clients and personalize your brand. 

Repurpose content for other marketing channels

There’s a bit of science involved to successful blogging as well. To boost your results in search, try to use keywords that are important to your station or your business.  Make sure your posts have strong titles with keywords. For both your SEO and to establish consistency with readers, it is important to post on a regular schedule, ideally once a week or bi-weekly.  

You can also repurpose content from your blog for other channels, such as your email newsletter and social media accounts (of course, always link that content back to your blog). Since Google recognizes social posts, using blog posts on social accounts can drive even more traffic to your blog. 


At Federated Digital Solutions, we practice what we preach, and we use our blog to keep our staff and clients up to date on the latest news at our company, as well as the radio and digital marketing industries. Our blog also helps boost our presence on search and generate more engagement on our website, and the same strategy can work for you too.