NeXus RV

Nexus RV came to us with the vision to redo their existing website and make it responsive and modern while bringing focus to their products. Nexus had a large inventory list and ideas of ways the customer would see their products in depth, we just had to make sure we could make that happen. We put together a custom RV quote form that the customer could use to build and see how much each custom item would be and a final total that they could send to NeXus RV as a quote form.


NeXus also needed a way the client could “build” and see visually the components they offer inside, so when the customer communicated to Nexus about the product they know exactly what visual style they want in their RV. NexusRV.com has a feature rich website that adds components that the customer can use to get any sort of information while keeping things clean and easy to read.


FDS had a great time making this site! Check out the image gallery below that highlights just some of the many great features of the NexusRV.com website.