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There’s a lot of discussion about on the best tactics to improve engagement. How do you generate engagement on social networks? What’s the best tactic to engage with consumers who are reviewing you or your business? What’s the best tactic to generate conversation? The thing that always stands out to me is that there’s not really any tactic to it – you have to engage with people.


Social networks are like socializing in real life, if you want to talk to someone, you go talk to them, or give them reason to talk to you. If you want engagement, you talk, you listen (and listen and listen), then you respond. The ‘social’ part of ‘social media’ is just that, and you can’t forget it. But there’s also an implied justification to many of these posts, as if the author is not only explaining, but presenting a case to those still unconvinced that social media engagement is necessary.  Reputation Engagement is another level of the Social.  Somebody reviews you and you talk back.

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