How to Unlock SEO

January 20, 2020 - 3 minutes read

Keys to Unlocking Your SEO Potential

In today’s search-driven economy, consumers turn to their devices for information and recommendations. Search results matter. To attract traffic to your website and convert users to customers, your brand needs to appear at the top of those searches. That’s where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes into play. It determines where a website turns up in unpaid, organic search results, and website content and design are key factors in your placement. 

Strong SEO positions your company as market leaders and experts and compliments your paid digital marketing. To boost your SEO, take stock of these factors:

Dig into your website

To improve your SEO, your company’s website is the first place to start. Websites should be rich with keywords that apply to your business, industry and staff. It also helps to update your content regularly. With Google’s ever-changing formulas, websites that feature fresh content appear higher in search results. This may sound daunting, but it doesn’t take an in-house writer to add new and relevant text and photos. Start small by making regular updates to your home page, such as seasonal tips, links to relevant news or excerpts from your email newsletter.

If you want to really boost your search presence, consider starting a blog. Your posts could share pro tips, research or articles that might interest your users. One word of caution, however, is that if you take on a blog, remember to update it regularly with new posts, or you won’t get the SEO benefit.

One more small, but critical step is to review your website and make sure you don’t have any broken links on desktop and mobile viewing. 

Keep back-end up to date

Along with this on-site SEO, there are technical considerations to boost the quality and quantity  of search traffic. Back-end factors such as site loading speed, readability, mobile-friendliness and site architecture all factor into SEO. Your web partners can help to ensure you have the most recent tech and necessary tools in place.  

Third-party sites matter too

Your online reputation also helps boost your firm’s SEO. When customers review your products and services, which helps boost your search results. Also, when your website is listed on another website, known as backlinking, that helps direct more users to your site. If you can have your  site included in business listings services, neighborhood groups and professional organizations, that can help generate more traffic for your site, both native and in search results. This referral traffic also burnishes your reputation as experts in your industry.  

At Federated Digital Solutions, we offer SEO solutions to connect with existing customers and build new business. We can help optimize your website and maximize off-site tools. With a better search presence, you can convert web visitors into loyal customers..