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This is what sets us apart from our competition. We believe the data should guide your campaign which allows us to continue to strategize the best course of action to deliver you the best return on your investment. Too often other digital companies do not look at the data. Their course of action is to “set it and forget it.” We believe that the best marketing results occur when you continue to strategize and evolve for the life of the campaign.



Your return on investment is our #1 focus. Reports on reach, impressions and click through rates (CTRs) don’t mean anything to you if you can’t measure your return on investment. That’s why we go beyond measuring analytics and dig deep to understand what real-world results are happening because of your digital marketing strategy. The bottom line is if we can’t show you ROI, then we aren’t doing our jobs. We focus on the following each month to determine what your ROI really is:

  • RESULTS. How are you measuring marketing success? We help you set up more specific, RESULTS driven methods such as units sold, new customers, etc. Whatever that metric is, we can connect to your CRM to tie your marketing efforts to your business goals.
  • DATA.  We track impression share, cost-per-click, website view-throughs and much, much more. We use the data to tell the story of how your marketing is reaching and engaging your target audience and track it back to your results to help measure your ROI.
  • STRATEGY. Integrated marketing is the best way to maximize your ROI and that includes strategy with all campaigns. We include reporting on your traditional marketing AND your digital marketing so that we can create the best marketing strategies for your business and pivot as needed. As your marketing agency, we want to make sure that ALL your marketing is working together toward the same goal: higher ROI.


Monthly Reporting & Optimization

Why is meeting regularly so valuable to the success of your Marketing? Federated Digital Solutions takes pride in the partnerships we have developed. These partnerships grow to a deep level because we are actively involved in the success of your business. That is why we meet regularly with our clients long after you initially start working with our company. The crucial key to success is regular communication. Our team of experts review your campaigns on a regular basis to make sure each strategy is optimized for your goals. We are not a turn it on and forget about it digital agency. The success we see is continuous focus on these 3 elements:

  • MONTHLY MEETINGS. At each monthly reporting call, we’ll review the campaigns and talk about the strategy for the next 90 days. We make recommendations based on your individual data so that you can meet your business’ goals, even (and especially) if they change.
  • STRATEGY MEETINGS. At quarterly, 6-month and year-end reviews, our team dives deep to provide you with a detailed analysis and recommendations that make the most sense for your business’ needs, not just your marketing needs. Our team is dedicated to keeping your marketing on track to meet your short-term and long-term goals.
  • OPTIMIZATION.  At FDS we make sure that our #1 priority with all campaigns is continuous optimization. Our team of campaign managers are assigned to specific accounts that they work on from the very beginning. These campaign managers work closely with your digital marketing consultant to ensure that your goals are being met and that we are constantly watching and improving each campaign so that it brings you the best end results.


Custom Dashboard

Why do you need a custom dashboard? Your marketing campaigns are yours, so you should be able to see how they’re doing at any given time, even outside of regular reporting calls.

Your custom dashboard shows real-time data for all your marketing campaigns, broken out by solution. You will have your own log-in so that you can see your data in real time. We built our dashboards so that you can easily navigate through the complex data to understand how your audience is taking action on your advertising campaigns.