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Reach consumers with your video message while they stream their favorite movies and TV shows.

What is OTT/CTV? OTT(Over The Top) and CTV (Connected TV) is the advertising that takes place when a consumer is watching video content through an app, smart tv or gaming station. are types of targeted video advertising that is streamed over the internet. This unskippable, immersive content format allows advertisers to reach consumers by serving video ads before or within streamed content on a number of different connected devices utilizing both large & small screens. (Apps, Smart Tv’s, Gaming Stations).

Why your business needs OTT/CTV. With streaming TV on the rise, we are able to place your video ad where consumers spend the majority of their time. We have the ability to incorporate OTT and CTV inventory into your video targeting campaign in order to reach an audience that you can’t reach with just traditional broadcast television ads.