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It’s not just about posting on social channels, it’s about growing engagement.


Social Media Management

What is social media management? Social Media Management is partnering with an outside company or individual to manage your business’s social media platforms. This outside firm will write and publish content each month that will deliver information of your brand and engage your audience. The benefit of using an outside firm is that they are experts who will follow the best practices of each social media platform. They will deliver consistent and fresh content that aligns with the social media rules and algorithms to grow and engage your audience.

Why your business needs social media management. Now more than ever before consumer behavior is influenced by what people see and read online. How your business is portrayed on social media can have a major impact with consumers. A social media management plan that encompasses great content ensures that your business is not only on the right platforms but is using them to effectively enhance your brand.

Experts know how to write good engaging content and how to promote that content with boosted posts to help you grow your social media audience. On average, most Facebook business pages’ posts are shown to only 4% of the people who like or follow that page. Boosting posts of content that already has some engagement can extend a post’s reach and allow a business to target their ideal audience. Allowing an expert to work as an extension of your team to enhance your social media pages, frees up your time so you don’t have to keep up with the latest algorithm changes.